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In-pack/On-pack promotion
Reklampristävling och Reklamlotter

Advertising and merchandising

We help your organisation to be seen.

Lotteries and raffles are an especially effective tool for advertising and marketing purposes. With the help of competitions and prize draws, awareness and response rates can rise significantly. We offer exciting solutions to create interactivity, increase traffic, and to achieve many different kinds of desired outcomes. Promotional lotteries and raffles are ideal for cross-media campaigns, data collection and for simple measurability. These products work well for both local and nationwide campaigns.

We have created lotteries and games for advertising purposes for many of Sweden’s and Europe’s largest brands. Therefore, we have vast knowledge and experience regarding successful strategies. This makes us a strong partner, who is always on-hand to help and advise you. If your organisation does not have experience of the usage of lotteries and raffles for marketing purposes, then our expert design, concept and production teams are here to help you transform your idea to a finished campaign.

Below is a list of the product areas which we can offer you (click on the text for images of examples):

  • Marketing competitions and prize draws
  • In-pack/on-pack promotions
  • Direct Marketing
  • Media Games
  • Corporate calendars