Lottery & scratch cards make your business visible and generate returns

Making your business stand out and appear can be difficult and complicated for many companies. Everyone strives for the best possible return. It is then important to engage their target audience in the most natural and unobtrusive way as possible to increase their conversion and sales.

By using us who are experts in bingo cards, printers and manufacturers of lotteries and scratch cards, we can help promote you. By activating their target group with the help of lotteries, scratch cards and prize draws, an awareness of your customers is usually created. We have a solid and long experience of making scratch cards and lotteries.

Associations often consistently struggle to finance their operations. We have helped Swedish associations and groups for over 60 years by providing them with simple and easy-to-sell lottery tickets, scratch cards and bingo cards. Our products are produced with the seller and their interests in-mind; easy and convenient to use and sell, yet at the same time, providing high returns. We offer a range of different lottery tickets, scratch cards and bingo cards which can be used immediately. Our products differ when it comes to aspects such as possible returns, prices of game play, and game set-up, as we know that our customers have different situations and requirements. We can therefore guarantee to be able to provide you with a product that perfectly matches your needs and wishes.

We know that public opinion regarding the administration of lotteries can often be that they are confusing and complicated to run, but that isn’t the case! Many independent studies have shown that lotteries and raffles provide the highest returns to their beneficiaries, read more about this here. We can help you throughout the whole process should you have questions about how lotteries and raffles work, which set-ups work best, how tickets are sold best, etc. Take a look at some of our products below and see which ones suit your needs. If you have any questions or queries, simply send us an e-mail or give us a call! We even have a guide to lotteries and raffles below (in Swedish) which you can download.